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Every Customer Is Unique

Any business operating in a deregulated state has the choice to pick an electricity and natural gas supplier. This choice offers tremendous benefits.

There is a way to protect yourself from unexpected rate increases.

It’s called an Energy Price Protection Plan.

An Energy Plan of Many Stripes!

Energy Protection Plans provide:


We evaluate your unique needs, identify the best options in your market from our network of energy providers and help you pick the best Energy Protection Plan available.

Energy Zebra works hard for each and every customer to fix the rate on your monthly electricity and/or natural gas bills with the best suppliers in your state.

We provide you with peace of mind that your supply costs are locked-in for whatever term you choose, while still relying on your trusted local utility for any service outage repairs.  

What is an Energy Price Protection Plan?

Fixed Low Rate

An Energy Price Protection Plan is a service that protects the rate a homeowner or business pays for the energy portion of its utility bill at no cost to the consumer.

Keep Costs Down

Utility prices can change quickly with the seasons, the weather, natural disasters, and market demand. A simple fixed rate protects you from this volatility, saving you money in the short and long term.

Know What to Expect

You keep the same rate, month after month for the term of your contract no matter the fluctuations and market price changes.

Stay Within Your Budget

With a fixed low rate, you control what you spend on energy.

As an Energy Broker, we partner with the leading energy companies in the United States

Our recognized and award-winning leadership team has over 60 years in the energy business and has protected thousands of customers.
As trustworthy energy consultants, we pride ourselves on the protection and peace of mind we achieve for small businesses and residential customers.


Let Energy Zebra develop your unique cost savings plan. 

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Make your utility bills more predictable.